State vs. Federal Protection of Public Lands

(North Dakota Badlands) All signs indicate that the Trump Administration is poised to shrink the size of Bear Ears National Monument.  Opponents of the monument have offered a variety of reasons for their opposition but one general point of hostility from them is that they believe public lands are better protected at the state level […]

A Positive Step on Gun Control

The lack of an adequate policy response after one of the all to frequent mass shootings in the U.S. is one of the most frustrating features of American politics.  Despite the frustration the reasons for it are pretty clear – the anti-gun control side is uniquely and enthusiastically dedicated to their cause.  However, a small […]

“Everyone Pays Their Taxes”

The House Republican’s have recently released their version of tax reform – “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.”  It is mostly what you would expect – massive tax cuts for the rich and nothing much for everyone else.  Coincidentally, the New York Times this week released multiple stories on the “Paradise Papers.” The paradise papers […]

Three Forces that Will Determine Our Future

In his book Four Futures, Peter Frase develops four future scenarios based on three structural forces that he believes will shape our political-economic system well into the future.  They are economic inequality, automation, and climate change.  I agree wholeheartedly that the future will be largely determined by the politics we develop to deal with these forces, and […]

Donald Trump: Authoritarian or just dumb and lazy?

There are many theories on what motivates Donald trump.  One is that he is, in his heart if not in practice, and authoritarian.  There is some evidence to support this theory, specifically his disdain for institutional constraints, his advocacy for violence, and his desire to use the power of his office to persecute his political […]