Progressive Foreign Policy Part 2

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In a previous post I wrote about Bernie Sander’s speech at Westminster College where he outlined his foreign policy vision.  This post highlights the foreign policy of another old white socialist – Jeremy Corbyn!  On December 10th, International Human Rights Day, Corbyn gave a speech to UN officials in Geneva outlining his vision for a new U.K. foreign policy.  As with all foreign policy speeches, Corbyn’s was strong on rhetoric but light on details.  However he does lay out what he considers the four biggest challenges for the world and how a Labor led U.K. government would deal with them.  Below are the salient points from his speech:

  • “International cooperation, solidarity, collective action are the values we are    determined to project in our foreign policy.” Exclaims that a rule based international order must apply to the strong as well as the weak
  • Argues there are four main threats to “our common humanity”: 1) A “growing concentration of unaccountable wealth and power in the hands of a tiny corporate elite” (i.e. neoliberalism), 2) Climate change, 3) The “unprecedented number of people fleeing conflict, persecution, human rights abuses, social breakdown and climate disasters”, and 4) The “use of unilateral military action and intervention, rather than diplomacy and negotiation, to resolve disputes and change governments”
  • Mentions nearly $1 trillion a year is sucked out the the Global through illicit financial flows.  Yikes!
  • Support efforts by the UN Human Rights Council to create a legally binding treaty to regulate transnational corporations under international human rights law
  • Promises the next Labor government will work with tax authorities in developing countries against tax dodging and trade mis-invoicing, which “rob developing countries and drain resources from our own public services.”

Overall a very progressive and internationalist vision for British foreign policy.


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