Texas Refugee Resettlement

Texas, as everyone knows and everyone here likes to state over and over again, is a big state.  This is both in terms of population and geography.  Because of these two factors Texas also resettles a lot of refugees.  I think people from outside the state are still surprised at the ethnic diversity of places like Houston and Dallas and refugee resettlement explains a part of that diversity.  This is something the state should be proud of and the citizens who are aware of it certainly are (myself included obviously).  Curious to see what the newest resettlement numbers are for Texas I looked at the Refugee Processing Center’s data just this morning.  As expected, because of President Trumps white nationalism, refugee resettlement in Texas (and throughout the country) is way down

Refugees Resettled in Texas

In 2017, Texas resettled 2,832 refugees and now halfway through 2018 Texas has only resettled 604 refugees, well below the already paltry rate from 2017.  It should be clear that this is not the fault of the state of Texas (with the exception of the politicians and people who support Donald Trump and his white nationalist policies) but rather derives from the Trump Administrations essential lock down of refugee resettlement in the U.S.  Helping refugees find a better life free from persecution is what makes Texas and the United States great.  Donald Trump and his racism and xenophobia are degrading this great feature of American life.

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