Tear down the existing border wall

There was a great op-ed in the NYTimes today arguing the the Democrats should stop arguing with Republicans on their terms with regards to immigration. The author, Daniel Denvir argues that:

Democrats should follow their voters, who increasingly want more open borders, and reframe the immigration debate by rejecting the very notion that the border needs more “security” and making it clear that the real problem is the denial of migrants’ rights. The time has come for the Democratic Party to push for concrete policies to make the border more open.

A real move to the left by the Democrats would be welcome and yes the main emphasis should be put on the denial of migrants rights but the Democrats should also start demanding that the existing border wall needs to go. As Denvir notes:

The border must be demilitarized, which would include demolishing the already-existing wall and dramatically downsizing the Border Patrol. Criminal sanctions on illegal entry and re-entry must be repealed. Opportunities for legal immigration, particularly from Mexico and Central America, must be expanded. The right to asylum must be honored. And citizenship for those who reside here must be a stand-alone cause, unencumbered by compromises that are not only distasteful but also politically ineffectual — and that today would provoke opposition from the nativist right and the grass-roots left. If Democrats stick to the center on immigration, they will find themselves fighting on two fronts. A fight against Republicans, with the left at their back, will be far easier to win — and a more noble victory.

I don’t expect many Democrats yet to come out for full scale destruction of the existing border wall between the U.S. and Mexico but they absolutely must. The existing structure is an ongoing humanitarian and ecological disaster. It must come down

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