Bring Back the Buffalo Commons

When I was a kid I distinctly remember my dad having a conversation with his best friend about the “buffalo commons.”  I don’t remember the particulars of that conversation but I do remember the general tone of the conversation and I would say that it wasn’t supportive of the idea.  The idea of a buffalo […]

Climate Existentialism

  Today the IPCC came out with “A Special Report on the Impacts of Global Warming a 1.5C”  Essentially, it outlines how bad things will get as the Earth’s climate increases to 1.5 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels but also how much worse things will get if the Earth warms to 2 degrees celsius above […]

State vs. Federal Protection of Public Lands

(North Dakota Badlands) All signs indicate that the Trump Administration is poised to shrink the size of Bear Ears National Monument.  Opponents of the monument have offered a variety of reasons for their opposition but one general point of hostility from them is that they believe public lands are better protected at the state level […]