Climate Existentialism

  Today the IPCC came out with “A Special Report on the Impacts of Global Warming a 1.5C”  Essentially, it outlines how bad things will get as the Earth’s climate increases to 1.5 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels but also how much worse things will get if the Earth warms to 2 degrees celsius above […]

Fracking is bad for your health

Fracking has certainly been a boon to domestic energy production in the U.S. but with the benefits also comes serious downsides.  In addition to the environmental and climate negatives fracking also has serious health consequences.  Its long been suspected that the groundwater around fracking sites can become contaminated with hazardous chemicals from the fracking process […]

Gas Shortages as a Common Pool Resource Problem

San Antonio is currently out of gas.  At this point something like 75% of all gas stations in town are out of fuel.  Fears that Hurricane Harvey would disrupt the refinement and shipping of gasoline combined with the travel demands of labor day weekend led people to start hoarding gasoline and filling up their vehicles […]