Republican Governance is Deadly

Texas Governor Greg Abbott likes to brag about Texas’ business environment and jobs record, especially if he can also get in a swipe at California and other blue states while doing it.  California Governor Gavin Newsome has started his own effort at defending his state against his conservative rival Governors by running advertisements in Florida and Texas challenging the red state policies of both.  We […]

Norway’s 9/11

I was doing some data coding on international homicide rates and when looking at the data for Norway I was reminded of how horrifying the 22/July attack was.  Anders Breivik killed 77 people, many of them teenagers.  The attack accounts for a doubling of the homicide rate for Norway in 2011.  These figures both put […]

A Positive Step on Gun Control

The lack of an adequate policy response after one of the all to frequent mass shootings in the U.S. is one of the most frustrating features of American politics.  Despite the frustration the reasons for it are pretty clear – the anti-gun control side is uniquely and enthusiastically dedicated to their cause.  However, a small […]

Moving on after after mass shootings

It’s been almost a month since the massacre in Las Vegas and my impression has been that the story has disappeared from the public’s consciousness.  Perhaps its because no clear motive has been established for the attack?  Another possibility is that maybe we Americans are so immune to these periodic spasms of extreme violence that […]

Why There Hasn’t Been Meaningful Gun Control Yet.

Like some horrible broken record the response in the United States after a mass shooting follows a typical pattern: thought and prayers are offered by all, we are told to not politicize the tragedy by bringing up the topic of gun control, deflections away from gun control ensue (focus on mental health, gun control wouldn’t […]