Texas Refugee Resettlement

Texas, as everyone knows and everyone here likes to state over and over again, is a big state.  This is both in terms of population and geography.  Because of these two factors Texas also resettles a lot of refugees.  I think people from outside the state are still surprised at the ethnic diversity of places […]

The U.S. is falling behind in refugee resettlements

The Pew Research Center has a new report showing that the U.S. is falling far behind in refugee resettlements.  With President Trump setting a new ceiling on refugee resettlements for the coming year at 45,000 the U.S. fall behind its usually number of resettlements.  This is all happening in the midst of the worst refugee […]

Cruelty in Action

According to the New York Times the Trump Administration is planning on setting the cap on refugee admissions into the U.S. at 45,000 for next year.  This, as the article points out, would be the lowest amount of refugees admitted into the U.S. since the United States Refugee Act was passed in 1980 allowing the […]