Republican Governance is Deadly

Texas Governor Greg Abbott likes to brag about Texas’ business environment and jobs record, especially if he can also get in a swipe at California and other blue states while doing it.  California Governor Gavin Newsome has started his own effort at defending his state against his conservative rival Governors by running advertisements in Florida and Texas challenging the red state policies of both.  We […]

The Deep North

One of my hesitations about moving to Texas (in addition to the weather) was that I wasn’t crazy about living in a state of the old Confederacy.  Although the Civil War was a long time ago the stench of treason in defense of slavery still lingers in places like Texas.  Also living in Texas has […]

The Great Shame of Texas and the United States

This week in my American Politics class we are covering Civil Liberties, which means we cover the 8th Amendment, and that means that we talk about the death penalty.  Every semester I update these charts with the fresh new executions that have been carried out, and I think about something I heard at an ISA […]