Why There Hasn’t Been Meaningful Gun Control Yet.

Like some horrible broken record the response in the United States after a mass shooting follows a typical pattern: thought and prayers are offered by all, we are told to not politicize the tragedy by bringing up the topic of gun control, deflections away from gun control ensue (focus on mental health, gun control wouldn’t […]

“Texas is a Crazy State”*: Economic Populist Edition

It’s not very controversial to say that Texas has its own unique political culture, or its own unique culture for that matter.  As a non-native I am sometimes dumbstruck by the pride, bordering on arrogance, that many Texans have for their state and culture.  It is baffling.  Nevertheless the state does provide an interesting case […]

American Hegemony: Movie Edition

Just how powerful is the United States?  This is a question that on the surface seems pretty easy to answer – very powerful!  All one needs to look at is America’s geographic size, population, GDP, and military resources and you could easily conclude that the United States is virtually unrivaled in its power resources.  However, […]